Here at Homematch HQ we are living “The good life.”

Working from home for over 16 years, we save water, grow veggies, keep chickens and COMPOST.

This year we have 4 types of compost and willbe spending thw eekend siving it for use.  We save our office waste and shread for chicken bedding, this in turn goes into the compost.  We shread all our delviery boxes as we buy mos itmes online so why ot take advance of this resource and recycle it yourseved.  A simple mid range shredder will deal with most boxes and you can add brown material to the green and food you save.  Below is a link to the competition and great guides on composting.

It was great to see a Nottinghamsire competition to win a free composting bin!



Climate change is not real but charging you and taxing you for servcies we can learn to live without and put less resources to use has always got to be a plus. Plus growing you own food is ALWAYS better than processed food. #livethegoodlife