Really loving learning about #Hoarding. #CPD #National Landlords Association

Noone knows when life could throuw you a curve ball.

In 16 years trading Homematch I’ve only had one potential hoarder, one full on breakdown tenant that lost the plot, one with special needs and another that is slightly agressive. But I’ve worked through all I could to support because we are human!

This picture helps discern levels of clutter, my instinct told me #4 was becoming a major problem and I was right. I hope this helps people guess where there are and ask for help <3

Tragedy in life and extra stress can cause this. My gran always told me your home is a relflection of your mind/heart! I guess it could work the opposite if too sterile 😉 then we are in OCD territory equally hard work for the person with any #mentalhealth condition.

S   Safety First

M Mental Health & Wellbeing

I   Imagine how you’d want to be treated

L  Levels on the “Clutter Image Rating Scale” (CIR)

E  Emotions, Empathy & Empowerment


Resources for help.