No agent understands property issues better than another landlord

With over 25 years experience in the industry (agent / landlord / CIMA accountant) we believe asset & facilities management are at the heart of good property management. Timely consideration of legislation and maintenance whilst understanding cost spend analysis, yet empathetic to the fact your asset is a tenants home, takes a #goodagent

We could list affiliations, training and CPD completed but at the end of the day what matters is our actions and reputation for good businessThe Homematch Way.

Lead only to full management and licence holder.  Pick any service, then add options as required. Only by matching a good landlord, a good tenant and a good agent can you keep a property that’s cared for and maintains its commercial value.

#goodlandlord #goodtenant #goodagent

Keeping it simple

Many agents are “accredited” but often communication to the landlord or the tenants for that matter about issues, is not one that understands or cares.

  • Personal Relationship. By landlords for landlords.
  • No let, no fee. Freedom of movement & bespoke service package.
  • Effective referencing. Reliable tenants creates a reliable income.
  • Market & Tenant awareness
  • Financial understanding of asset management.

Homematch was inspired by necessity

The necessity to fill a gap in the letting agent market and the realisation of having the personal skills to do it better

Beginning with accounting for property, as a CIMA Cost Accountant as our background the directive is plain.

It examines the cost structure of the business, by collating information about the costs incurred by a company’s activities,  assigning selected costs to products and services and other cost objects, and evaluating the efficiency of cost usage. Cost accounting is mostly concerned with developing an understanding of where a company earns and loses money, and providing insights to aid decisions on how to generate profits.


After creating property accounts to help out family with a property portfolio of 13, creating full accounts and presenting it all successfully to HMRC, it morphed into fully managing the portfolio.  Along side a full time position of Company Secretary / Company Accountant to a £5.5 Million T/O / HR Manager and H&S Management in the flooring aspect of the Construction Industry. Plus being a Trustee / Member to a company Pension Scheme also managing it’s 3 Commercial Industrial Units.

With a varied a insightful working history to boot, this culminated into a wide range of skills and knowledge base from education, hands on experience but without “formal training” but encompassing Company Law. Contractual Law and into Civil Law for Criminal negligence. All very pertinent factors in the new legislative construct that now and continues to grow in this field of investment and enterprise.

It was blatantly apparent looking at the industry as a whole, it overcharged and had little or no respect for the landlord or the tenant. Lack of knowledge and accessibility to trade tools made it cumbersome for landlords, be they professional, start-up or incidental to investigate or follow what the agent was actually doing for their fees.

How a landlord would want to be treated

Its good to turn a profit but not at the expense of value for money and service criteria.  Homematch look at every relationship and situation in business and life as;

if I were in that position, how would I want to be treated?

  • Treat the asset as a personal property
  • Fair & Honest Management
  • Fair Fee Structure
  • Encouraging Longer Term Lets
  • Appreciation of costs 
  • Knowledge Base
    • CIMA Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants – Intermediate Accountant

    • BTEC Distinction in Business Studies & Finance

    • H&S Training – IOSH Managing Safely

    • NLA National Landlords Association Accredited & Certified

    • NLA Continued Professional Development

  • Personal Experience
    • Private Landlord

    • Business Owner

    • Company Secretary

    • Company Office Manager

    • Construction (Commercial Flooring) Industry

    • Carpet Cleaning Industry

    • Managed Family Portfolio

    • Personal Property Portfolio

    • Pension Property SSAS Trustee-Member / Commercial Property

  • Professional Standards & Legislative Updates
    • National Landlord Association

    • EMPO East Midlands Property Owners

    • ICO / GDPR – Data Protection

    • PRS – Property Redress Scheme

    • DASH accredited Consultant Landlord

  • Financial Safety & Legal Certification
    • CMP Client Money Protection

    • P&P Insurance

    • Indemnity Insurance

    • PRS Scheme

  • Professional Out-sourcing

    We out-source some services to professional companies who provide reports for all works, inspections and installations.

    Our out-sourced team helps us keep abreast of all relevant legal, safety and trading standards legislation.

    *Homematch receive a small commission from some trades. Most accounts however are managed by good cash-flow negotiation, taking settlements discounts for immediate payment to all our trades rather than pushing unfavourable payment terms.  Our trades allow a settlement discount for prompt payment for works completed and not made to wait for the “rent to come in” before we pay them! As is the industry standard.

    We also do not always make our landlord pay upfront due to long standing relationships and help with cash flow where possible for larger items. Its all about trust, openness and long term relationship with both our landlord and tenants.


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