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  • 4 bedroom homes £1295 Inc. Vat*
  • 5 bedroom homes £1445 Inc. Vat*
  • No up front fees.
  • No sale. No fee.
  • Any property. Any area.
  • 360 degree virtual tours – now active
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  • Homematch complete viewings & negotiation. Home-Move Ltd complete contracts, legals and advertising.
  • Commercial sales 2% +Vat
  • Private sales introductioon fee £500 NO VAT
  • Investor property finder £500
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Online listing under Homemove Limited on ALL portals.

Potters Hollow – Apartment

For Sale


St Micheals Ave, Gedling. Nottingham NG4

For Sale


Templars Crt Radford – 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment inc. furniture & white goods

For Sale

Under Offer


OFFER – Buy one – Let one free

Buy an investment property through Homematch and settle management terms. We will find your first tenant FOC

Matching investors to buy and sell

As landlords move into the market place, others may wish to grow their portfoilos and some are ready to leave the market for whatever reason.

Our Sales Division will allow Homematch customers and valued clients to continue to have us as your first port of contact to sell and or neogitate a purchase as a trusted and honest business.

Domestic sellers

Take advantage of an agent that can help you sell with a chioce of options. Investors might help you with a quick sale. Or you can determine your sale only via the domestic buyer route. This way you have a choice and lower price.

How does it work? A guide to the buying process
  • How much will it cost to move?


    Any Financial Service will usually charge a fee for mortgage advice. The amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances. Homematch can refer you for a quote but we are NOT Financial Advisors.

    General Moving Costs

    • Legal fees
    • Lender fees
    • Removal costs
    • Broker fees

    Always calculate how much the move will cost, so there are no big surprises down the line.

    New Costs & Higher Overheads;

    • Council Tax
    • Insurance
    • Utilies estimates
    • Aerials / Cable / Telephone – are they included?
    • New fixtures & fittings. Carpets. Window dressings etc.

    It is easy to get carried away with the actual house & financing costs, but not think about additional overheads of running your new household.

  • How much can you borrow?

    It is generally recommended that you make an initial appointment with a Financial / Mortgage Advisor to see what kind of mortgage is affordable. With access to a range of mortgages across the market, mortgage advisers are in a good position to advise on a range of options.

    It is good practice to obtain a ‘Decision in Principle’ from a suitable lender, which will give confidence to start looking and ofering on a property for your new home.

  • Searching for a property

    With a confident idea of what is affordable, it’s time to start looking for a property to buy.

    Property portals allow you to register for daily updates of new properties, to allow you to compare to your hearts content online.

    Check out areas online or with an agent. Find out top tips for up and coming neighbourhoods. Possibly look out of town that could save money and allow an easy commute.

  • Arranging a viewing

    Once you have found a property you are interested in, arrange a viewing and be flexible, both buyer and seller have personal commitments.

    House Viewing Tips

    • Do a drive-by.

    Is this an area you feel comfortable in, get a feel about the neighbourhood. Maybe drive by before booking a vieiwng and check out the property from the outside. It’s worth doing this both during the day and at night to assess things like traffic noise.

    • Make a check-list.

    Of anything that is important to you, ready to ask any questions that occur to you before the house viewing. Once you’re in the house it is easy for things to slip your mind.

    • Don’t go alone.

    To help get a second opinon and or bounce ideas off.  Its easy to get carried away and not look a property honestly in the eye.

    It is always safer not to a viewing alone. Take a partner or friend, or attend the viewing with an estate agent at least.

    • Check the outside.

    Are there any signs of damp like peeling paint or tide marks on the walls? Are there any loose tiles on the roof?

    • Be thorough.

    Remember, this is a big purchases possibly the biggest in your life. No one will worry about you being nosy. Check all fixed cupboards, especially under the sink. Ask to see the loft too, and take a torch in case there is no lighting.

    • Check all plumbing.

    Try things out. How long does it take the hot water to come through the tap? Does the heating work?

    • What is included with the sale?

    Ask what fixtures and fittings the owners will be leaving. Some people upgarde sockets and switches and want to take them with them if they move.  Also check larger items such as Carpets, Integral Appliances, Curtain poles etc.

    • What work has been carried out?

    Ask how the property may have been modified and request copies of receipts and guarantees. Your solicitor will also do this formally on buying a property.

    • Check for damp.

    Keep an eye out for peeling paint, stains on the ceiling and steamed up windows.

    • Being friendly helps.

    Building a rapport with a seller it may make you more memorable, this can be helpful when making and offer you’d like acceping. A good relationship with the vendor can help with a smooth sale too.

  • Offer and acceptance

    A contract is made with the Buyer making an Offer and the Seller Accepting that Offer.

    Both buyer and seller are negotiating for the best price.  Don’t be upset if your first offer isn’t accepted but stay within your scope of finances.

    Some will accept the offer and stick to it, others may want to wait a while and get what is termed best and last price after a specified time period.

    Having a ‘Decision in Principle’ means the lender is prepared to consider a mortgage application from you for up to a stated amount. Tis will always help to satify the seller you are making a serious offer. In face many agents / owners will not accept an offer witout finance being what is termed “pre-qualified” that is you are offering from a true place of being able to carry the sale through to completion.

    Having a solicitor ready in advance can help too.

    When the seller’s estate agent has the details of both parties’ “Buyers & Sellers” solicitors, they will confirm that the sale is agreed, termed – Subject To Contract. (STC) You will receive a Memorandum of Sale to confirm this.


  • Which solicitor / conveyancer?

    Conveyancing’ can be completed by a conveyancer or a solicitor.

    It is mostly a basic legal process, but can have it’s pitfalls and complications that require in-depth legal knowledge. It’s everything that must happen to make the property legally exchange hands. It can be a confusing process but your solicitor / conveyancer will talk you through the whole process.

    Homematch can introduce you to a solicitor and offers a no sale no fee conveyancing service with a guaranteed fixed price (this excludes disbursements) to keep everything easy.

  • Mortgage application & valuation


    Offer accepted, it is time to get advise the mortgage advisor to agree on a suitable mortgage deal for you and complete the application with you.

    Look mortgage protection maybe? If the worst should happen? Un-employment, critial illness, any manner of issues can be covered to help you or your family if they were suddenly under pressure to meet mortgage payments, or the lender could seek to gain possession of the property.


    Mortgage lenders will generally always arrange a valuation.  This allows confirmation the property is worth what is being lent.

    A valuation will not give details on the property condition, for this a house survey should be booked.  Thes can again be a varying levels of depth into the condition.

    Homematch can refer advise you on a suitable survey for the property. Without a survey you may not be aware of costly work that needs to be done.

  • Legal process to pre contract exchange

    Begin the conveyancing process. 

    Your offer has been accepted, it is time to get the ball rolling with the legal side of things by “instructing” your solicitor.  This means agreeing to there terms and conditions and agreeing a price for their servcies. They will have to veruify you and ID you. That’s why it is benficial to complete as much as possible in advance if you are hoping for a quicker buying process.

    •  The seller’s solicitor drafts contract.
    • The seller’s solicitor will receive the title deeds from the seller and draw up a contract. This will be sent to your solicitor.
    • Your solicitor will confirm the details of the property.
    • Your solicitor will contact the seller’s solicitor to confirm exactly what is included in the sale.
    • Your solicitor will enquire about things like the boundaries, any disputes and any alterations that have been made.
    • Your solicitor will perform searches of Land Registry and Local Authority information. They will be checking for planning history, and any potential developments around roads, drainage and mining near the property.
  • Mortgage confirmation

    Mortgage confirmed.

    Around this time you should receive your mortgage offer, along with all the terms and conditions surrounding your mortgage. You will need this before you can exchange contracts.

  • Source Buildings & Contents Insurance

    Get insured.

    You’re close to completion so it’s a great time to get quotes for your building and contents insurance. Homematch has an Insurance quotation via RENTGUARD whose services offer a range of competitive products.

    To keep things easy we’ll be in contact with you to discuss your needs. Don’t forget, you need all relevant insurance policies to begin from the exchange of contracts date.

  • Signing of contracts to Exchange, Completion & Move In

    Sign the contract.
    Your solicitor will advise you when it’s time to sign on the dotted line.

    Agree moving dates.
    Your solicitor and the seller’s solicitor will agree a date for the exchange of contracts and for completion (i.e. move in day). It’s a good time to start getting quotes for removals too as you can set a provisional moving day.

    Exchange of contracts.
    Your deposit will be sent to the seller’s solicitor, along with the signed contract. You are now legally bound to the purchase.

    All relevant insurance contracts should now be put into force.

    Your solicitor will pay the balance of the purchase price to the seller’s solicitor. Once the money is received, the seller’s solicitor will inform the estate agent and the keys will be released.

    CONGRATULATIONS! The property is now your home

landlord home insurance nottingham east midlands

Buy-to-let Mortgages

Need a renewal quote? Interested in Re-Financing? 

All you need to do is submit an application form.

Once submitted – Finance 4 Business will be in touch to offer a quote.

*Homematch receive a small commission on any introduction and are not a financial adviser.  All landlords take out any offer under personal consideration

landlord home insurance nottingham east midlands

Rent and Legal Protection Quote

There are 6 types of legal expenses products available in this category, 4 of which offer rent guarantee insurance, as follows:

  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee (6 Months) / Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee (12 Months)
  • Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee – No Excess (6 Months) / Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee – No Excess (12 Months)
  • Legal Expenses – Property Disputes  – No Excess (12 Months)