Why has the government proposed moving to this single system of periodic tenancies?

The government highlights the cost to landlords of renewing tenancies on a yearly basis as one reason for its decision. The white paper also outlines the inflexible nature of ASTs on a fixed term, which don’t allow tenants to easily move if they need to.

Break clauses are one way to currently balance this, yet the white paper says that “tenants may still find themselves locked into unsuitable, unsafe or unaffordable housing” in the interim.

The new system therefore aims to introduce more flexibility for tenants, allowing them to “move when circumstances require them to.”


HOMEMATCH have never pushed for long term or constant renewals on AST’s. As landlords ourselves we set our buisness model on NOT renewing constantly as there is no legal reason to do so and traps tenants and landlords to fixed terms.  So there is no change here for any Homematch Landlord or Tenant. Because we have always been flexible and honest. The only reason to renew was PROFIT and CONTROL. We are pleased this is being changed!