The following will be offered;

  1. Windows will be opened at the property.
  2. Current tenants / owners will be asked to leave for the duration of the viewings. (Previously standard practice)
  3. One in one out for vieiwngs. (Previously standard practice)
  4. Do not touch items in the property. (Previously standard practice)
  5. Doors to interested areas will be opened in advance.
  6. Distance during viewing but we will have to accompany but at a distance. (Previously standard practice)
  7. Shoe covers are now going to be normal for all vieiwngs to stop viewrs having to take their footwear off.
  8. Gloves will be offered but not necessary. Just don’t touch – or ask.
  9. Masks will not be worn just keep a safe distance.
  10. Only adult tenants or perspective adult buyer to attend. Please do not bring other family members.


  1. All applications are already virtual. (Previously standard practice)
  2. All referencing is virtual as are signing contracts. (Previously standard practice)
  3. Please ensure you have payslips and relevant documents pre-scanned.
  4. Payments and deposits can now be taken by bank transfer or card transactions. (Previously standard practice)


  1. All keys will be cleaned prior to handover. (Previously standard practice)
  2. Tenants will clean but please ensure you attend to your own precautions once moved in.
  3. Follow government guidelines and common sense.

Repairs, Maintenance & Inspections

  1. Following government guidelines.
  2. Virtual inspections if posssible

Being a small agent we already work form home and have little interaction. (Previously standard practice)